Reaching millions of consumers on their daily journey out-of-home

We are Rouge Media

We are Canada’s most effective place-based media network, connecting brands with their consumers at the intersection of digital and the real world to give them the best of both worlds.

Digital meets real world

Leverage data-driven actionable insights in real world locations via our automation enabled digital screens. In other words, ROI heaven.

Scale meets impact

We are the leaders in audience targeting with presence across large-scale sought-after environments via 100% addressable digital media.

Quality meets quantity

We deliver millions of quality impressions every day across 2500+ indoor controlled venues with exclusive access and high dwell times, and millions more via mobile solutions.

Anti-fraud meets effectiveness

No ad blocking, no skipping, no fraud. All our media is entirely brand safe and privacy compliant.

Engage your exact audience

  • Location-based mobile data insights provide precise audience segmentation
  • Socio-demographic targeting and geo-targeting within brand safe, highly targeted networks


Our Partners